Character Builds

Of course when you get into Pockie Ninja you choose a Village and a starting character. But did you know that the village you choose and the character you choose will impact what type of Character you will have in the end-game?

Choosing a Village is hard since it gives you an automatic Elemental Release(Check your Character when you fight you'll see that you have an Elemental Release depending on what village you choose).

This guide is nowhere near finished. I will keep updating it until I have written down all possible builds.

Fire Village - Fire Release
This village is ideal for Balsam Rebounders. You know those guys who use Balsam on you for like 5-10 times in a single turn?

Suggested Characters - Bomb Ichigo, White Ichigo
Starting Character - Sarutobi Asuma, Love Aikawa
Recommended Stats: Great Strength, Stamina, +HP and + Chakra

Skill build
Blood Boil
Pre healing/Mystic palm

Balsam will be your main killer hear. Balsam + Bloodboil alone is deadly since everytime you take damage there's a chance to cast Balsam. And with Bloodboil Procced you have you take damage everytime you cast a skill. So yeah. 5-10 Blood Boils. Sunset is there to increase your damage output with the chance to deal double elemental damage. Fireball is there for when your turn comes you have a strong attack to use. Liquor is there since it's best coupled with fire elemental skills to get the Burning Damage over Time debuff on the enemy. Pre healing/Mystic palm is there to help you stay alive longer when you take damage.

This build is the fire village version of a speedster. It relies on bloodboil to bring up cast chances of quick steps and nuke them with fireball.

Suggested Characters - Bomb Ichigo, Jiraiya
Starting Character - Sarutobi Asuma
Recommended Stats: Agility, Strength, Armor Break, Crit

Skill Build
Sunset, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, Pre Healing, Tailed Beast Heart, Claybomb, Great Strength

Fireball was chosen to maximize the damage your suit deals. Liquor is there for Damage over time burns from the FB/liquor combo. Bloodboil is the star of this build because it brings up cast chances. Quick step and Mudriver are mainstays on any speedster build. The last slot is flexible. Bring in Sunset for the chance to deal double damage, DDCS for defensive purposes, Pre healing and tailed beast to remove unwanted DoT debuffs, Claybomb for the ultimate coup de grace damage or GS for the all important 1 turn stun.

Wind Village - Wind Release
Have you ever gone to Arena and fight against a guy who just attacks you for like 5 times in  a row in a single turn? Well the Wind Village is famous for them. They're Called Speedsters. They quick step and you get pummeled alot in a single turn.

Suggested Characters: Naruto, 4th Hokage, Yoruichi
Starting Characters: Ggio Vega, Soi Fon(She's blue though)
Recommeneded Stats: Agility, +Speed

Skill Build:
Quick Step
Great Strength
Gale Palm
Windstorm Array
Mud River

This is the most basic build. The star skill in this build is Quick Step. If you're using the recommended characters then you're gonna be seeing this skill get cast alot. Chidori is there for the Paralyze effect. You can switch it out with Thunderfall since it works well too. Great Strength, is just what it is. You get awesome damage and a few turns of stun. And since you're using a speedster those few turns turn into alot of turns with quick step. Gale Palm is there for the extra damage when attacking with Quick Step. Windstorm array is for the rebound when your opponent finally gets a turn in and attacks. Mud River is to slow him down so you have a few extra turns to quick step.

This build relies more on damage than it does speed. It's called berserker because it deals ALOT of damage while also taking damage yourself.

Suggested Characters: Naruto
Starting Characters: Ggio Vega
Recommeneded Stats: Great Strength, +attack, Agility

Skill Build
Cursed Seal of Heaven
Gale Palm
Great Strength/Chidori/Thunderfall

Rasengan will be your main nuke it does awesome damage at the cost of recoil. Quickstep is a Wind Village signature technique that will help you get in more damage when you need to. Cursed Seal works wonders with Rasengan since your damage goes up while your HP gets less and less. Combo'd with Rasengan, CSoH will give you monstrous damage in the middle of the fight. Prayer is a basic invulnerability skill that helps you against speedsters or just 2 avoid 2 turns of damage. Gale palm is an awesome accompany attack that should be dealing alot of damage coupled with your Rasengan. The last slot is for either a daze or a paralyze effect. Quicksteps + your massive damage + stunning your opponent gives you a sweet sweet ending.

Lightning Village - Lightning Release
This village is famous for all the Kakashis and Sasukes that don't let you move because of Paralyze from their skills. You can't move and they take you out with stylish lightning effects. lol

Recommended Characters: Kakashi, Sasuke
Starting Characters: Aburai Renji(He has terrible speed though), Ggio Vega
Recommeneded Stats: Agility, +Speed, Great Strength/Attack, Crit

Skill Build
Great Strength
Mud River
Eight Gates/Quick Step

The basic Speed+Control Build. Chidori is your main nuke that also has a chance to Paralyze. Thunderfall is their to accompany your attacks just in case you haven't paralyzed your opponent yet. Static is your Defensive move that will buy you a few turns to deal damage. Great Strength fits into this build because it's awesome. Mud River is for slowing them down. You choose to go either Eight Gates or Quick Step. Eigth Gates speeds you up to 80% more speed each time you get damaged(10% per time you get damaged) or Quick Step which gives you an extra turn when it is cast.

Water Village - Water Release
This village is great for defensive players. Counter attacks is the name of the game for Water masters.
Every time you attack you either miss an attack because you get countered or you take damage too after attacking.

Recommended Characters: Halibel, Haku, Momochi Zabuza, Hitsugaya Toushiro, Uchiha Itachi, Aizen
Starting Characters:Shikamaru, Kurenai
Recommeneded Stats: Great Strength, Crit, Dodge, Block

Skill Build
Mist Hide
Windstorm Array
Death Mirage Jutsu/Flying Thunder God
Clay Bomb/Dead Demon Consuming Seal/Cursed Seal of Heaven

This skill build emphasizes counter attacks and survivability. Mist Hide raises your Counter Attack rate while Assasination keeps your health up while dealing decent damage. Substituion can be used for the illusion mastery guys while Mudwall is for the water based guys. Windstorm is a great counter attack skill dealing heavy damage. Death Mirage Jutsu or Flying Thunder God is great for damage over time while also having secondary effects like chakra drain or paralyze. The last skill can be chose from the 3 since clay bomb can be used for offense, Dead Demon for defense, and Cursed Seal for boosting your damage late in the fight.

Earth Village - Earth Release
This village was made for tanking and reflecting damage. Gaara hails from this village and he's the king of tanking. You might see quite often that speedsters will die on their own turns.

Recommended Characters: Kurtosuchi Nemu, Inoue Orihime, White Ulquiorra, Hollowfied Ulquiorra, Gaara, Scorpion
Starting Characters:Chouji, Kurotsuchi Nemu

Recommeneded Stats: Stamina, Def, Great Strength, Dodge, Block

Skill Build
Prehealing Jutsu/Mystic Palm
Windstorm Array
Static Field/Prayer

Mudwall is a great defensive skill reflecting damage back to your attacker. Only take substituion if Mudwall isn't available. Claybomb is great to deal a large ammount of damage when your opponent takes repeated damage from your counter skills. Prehealing or Mystic palm is great for survivability purposes to keep you alive longer but I suggest you take Prehealing over Mystic Palm since the heal from MP sucks at the start of the fight. Windstorm Array is a great counter skill that deals awesome damage when it procs. Puppet is there to deal damage over time since you won't be dealing too much damage on your own turn. Static Field/Prayer is another survival skill. Use Prayer over Static Field when fighting against stunners/speedsters.

Builds that don't rely on Village Elemental Releases

Body Technique - Stunner
Taijutsu in the Naruto world. This build is all about extreme ammounts of damage using only a bit of chakra.
Speed and Power is the name of the game.

Recommended Characters: Rock Lee, Haruno Sakura
Starting Characters: Inuzuka Kiba, Hiyori
Recommeneded Stats: Agi, Speed, Great Strength, Crit

Skill Build
Great Strength
Mud River
Gate Release

Lotus will be your main damage dealing attack it deals a massive ammount of damage at the cost of 1 turn of vulnerability. Great Strength is another massive damage dealing skill that stuns. Thunderfall is an accompany attack that also stuns Claybomb will explode and deal alot of damage when the combo skills all work when intended. Mud River is to slow them down and give you a few precious turns of destruction. Gate release is for speeding up later in the fight.

Illusion Dodge Tanker
This builde is all about dodging while using an illusionist character. You avoid taking any damage while dealing out damage yourself. 

Recommended Characters: Uchiha Itachi, Aizen
Starting Characters: Mitarashi Anko, Shikamaru Nara
Recommeneded Stats: Dodge, Agi, Great Strength/Attack, Crit

Skill Build
Mist Hide
Quick Step
Cursed Seal/Dead Demon Seal/Death Mirage Jutsu

Substitution will be your main defensive skill aside from your dodge stat avoiding all incoming damage when it procs. Assasination will be your main attack skill since it should coming out often since you're using an illusionist. Mist Hide is there to help you avoid damage and then rebound it back to your enemy. Quick Step is usefull to get two attacks in. Thunderfall is a great accompany move for quicksteps and other attacks since it deals damage and has the paralyze status effect. The last skill can be used for Cursed Seal to deal more damage later in the fight, Dead Demon Seal to make them do less damage, or Death Mirage Jutsu for better damage output throughout the fight.

Chakra Drainer
Chakra drainers drain you of all your chakra and won't let you cast any jutsus because of this.

Recommended Characters: Neji Hyuuga, Hinata Hyuuga, Halibel, Rukia, Hitsugaya Toushiro, Haku
Starting Characters: Inuzuka Kiba
Recommeneded Stats: Agility, Great Strength, Dodge, Crit

Skill Build
Eight Trigram Palm
Death Mirage Jutsu
Earth Prison
Chakra Blade
Crystal Blde
Prehealing/Mystic Palm/Tailed Beast Heart

Eight Trigrams will be your main damage dealing skill while giving your opponent a debuff that makes him use twice as much chakra. Death Mirage Jutsu is used for damage over time while draining your opponents chakra too. Earth Prison lets you drain chakra without using up any turns.. Chakra Blade is a good attack that damages and takes out chakra at the same time. Crystal Blade is great for when you proc Death Mirage jutsu they take damage while frozen without breaking freeze. The last skill can will be used to either take of debuffs or heal you and take off damage over time debuffs to increase your survivability.

I'm sure you're all aware of the power Dead Demon Consuming Seal has in today's meta-game. But did you know that in the hands of a Seal Master you can barely do anything to hurt him? That coupled with 5 Element Seal and you'll only be doing weak normal attacks.

Recommended Characters: Orochimaru, Neliel
Starting Characters: Mitarashi Anko,
Recommeneded Stats: Agility, Great Strength, Dodge, Crit

Skill Build
Dead Demon Consuming Seal
5 Elements Seal
Quick Step
Mud River
Tailed Beast Heart

Dead Demon Consuming Seal is a powerful technique that weakens your opponents attack and deals decent damage. 5 Elements Seal deals damage to your opponent and prevents them from using Elemental Based attacks. Quick Step is used to bring in more attacks while your opponent is still sealed. Mud River works well with Quick Step preventing your opponent from getting any attacks in. Assasination will be your main survival skill to deal damage to your opponent while healing yourself. Tailed Beast is to remove any nasty debuffs that you get.

The Mad Bomber
You might have encountered from time to time in Arena those few people who use bombs on you. They pack a big punch but also has a drawback. You can kick it back!. Well in this build we'll show you show to prevent kickbacks and how to destroy your opponent with bombs. This build makes use of Ninja Item Masters.

Recommended Characters: Kuchiki Byakuya,
Starting Characters:Aburame Shino
Recommeneded Stats: Agility, Great Strength, Crit

Skill Build
Great Strength/Crystal Blade
Quick Step
Mud River

Bomb is your main attack skill. With your ninja item mastery it's damage and frequency should be coming out alot. Remember when I told you that you can prevent them from throwing bombs back at you? Well Great Strength and Thunderfall stuns them so they can't move and kick the bombs back, plus they deal great damage! Great Strength can be switched out for Crystal blade for double damage bomb and other defensive purposes you'll find out while using it. Quick Step and Mud River are basic speedster skills to let you get in more bombs as fast as you can. The final skill is Claybomb the Coup de Grace. It deals damage depending on how much damage the opponent has taken before it blows up.

Zombies are basically characters like the slots version of sakura that uses Creation Rebirth. They keep coming back to haunt you.

Recommended Characters: Tsunade, Hollowfied Ulquiorra, Orihime
Starting Characters:Shizune
Recommeneded Stats: Great Strength, Stamina

Skill Build
Creation Rebirth
Mystic Palm
Cursed Seal
Great Strength

The main skill his is Creation Rebirth. It'll resurrect you when you die for a portion of your max hp. If you die early in the fight then it's chances to proc are heightened. Prehealing and Mystic Palm are there for survivability before and after you use a Creation Rebirth. It's also used to make the most out of your healing mastery on your character. Assasination is your basic damage/survival tool. Cursed Seal is a great passive skill to have in order for you to deal massive damage late in the fight when your hp is low. Great Strength is a basic stun/massive damage skill any build can use.