Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pockie Ninja Expansion Celebrated with “Tales of Independence”

Series of upcoming events revealed for Chapter III: Hokage Village

NGames, publishers of Naruto/Bleach-inspired MMO, Pockie Ninja, are launching a special “Tales of Independence” event to celebrate the launch of the game's second major expansion - Chapter III: Hokage Village.

Running this July – August, the special “Tales of Independence” event features 4 chances for Pockie Ninja players to win lavish in-game prizes. With powerful new titles, limited edition pets, new outfits and more up for grabs, NGames see “Tales of Independence” as the perfect way to celebrate the recent launch of Chapter III: Hokage Village (released June 23rd).

Chapter III: Hokage Village expanded Pockie Ninja in new and interesting ways, allowing players to build and upgrade their own villages, visit and interact with friends villages, release their own quests, and earn new titles to unlock vital new abilities that aid their quest against the evil Demon City.

Event One: Top-up Event!

Running: July 1st – August 5th

Running every week for 5 weeks, the Top Up event encourages Pockie Ninja players to exchange as much gold as possible!

The top 10 players who exchange the most gold will be rewarded with prizes every 7 days, winning different prize bundles depending on their placement. The rankings are reset every time a winner is chosen, meaning everybody has a fresh chance to win every week.

Amongst other items, the top prize includes a limited edition Dark Wing dragon pet - a fearsome dragon that guards the Hokage Village and comes with ultimate power. Other winners will win specified titles that boost speed, strike and dodge skills; special outfits; the newly added Kyuubi Naruto outfit; and more.

Event Two: Get Busy! Earn Credits to Win

Running: July 1st – August 5th

If it's true that every action has a reaction, then why shouldn't you be able to win prizes just for playing a game?!

For this event, Pockie Ninja are attaching a “credit” value to the majority of their in-game activities. Regular in-game activities, such as initiating challenges, smashing open Jars, synthesising outfits, and more, will earn you “credits”. If you earn enough credits in a day, you receive a special egg to smash and win the prize inside.

Credits are remembered throughout the event and could see you rewarded you with a massive bundle of prizes at the end of each week, with different prize bundles on offer for different levels of collection.

What's more, the 3 players with the most credits at the end of each week will bag new outfits, items and stat-boosting titles for their characters.

Note: Different activities reward you with different amounts of credits. Be sure to explore them all to get unlock the maximum prizes.

Event Three: Gifts-filled Independence Day!

Running: July 4th 0:01 – July 4th 23:59:59

Pockie Ninja players will literally have a smashing time this Independence Day, with tons of free Jar smashing opportunities for every player this July 4th.

Jar smashing is a regular activity in Pockie Ninja – players can purchase them in-game for the chance to win mystery prizes; some are filled with prizes, some aren't.

For this events, players will win huge amounts of free jar smashing chances after smashing a Mystery Coloured Jar 74 times. Once the requirement is met, NGames will reward you with an equal number of free jar smashing hammers to use. For example, smashing 74 Jars will earn you 74 free smashes; smashing 120 Jars will earn you 120 free Jar smashes, etc.

The rewards will be great for your character! But remember, Mystery Coloured Jars cost gold, so make sure you earn enough in time for July 4th.

Event Four: Strive for Honorable Title

Running: July 1st – July 4th

VIP cards are a great way to get ahead in Pockie Ninja, helping users obtain all they need to tackle the games quests and PVP battles.

To further reward their players, NGames are celebrating this years Independence Day by giving players a buy 1, get one free offer on 7-day VIP cards.

Players purchasing 30-day VIP cards will obtain a free Ninja Hero effect for 30 days, increasing attack, speed and HP skills, and there are more rewards on offer for the more VIP cards you buy.

Remember that only VIP cards purchased from the item mall are eligible for this promotion. Purchases from the Mystery Merchant and trade market are excluded.

Pockie Ninja has just rolled out the massive Chapter III: Hokage Village expansion, adding village building aspects to the popular Naruto/Bleach-inspired browser-based brawler.

You can sign up and play Pockie Ninja for free now!:

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