Monday, July 25, 2011

Prove Your Luck – Summer Wheel of Fortune

Wondering when you can wear S-rank Akatsuki outfits or other new outfits? Here comes one jackpot for all ninjas to get Pein+27 and other awesome rewards! And new stuffs are awaiting all of you in August.

Event: Let's Spin the Wheel of Fortune

Duration: Since July 22th 00:00:01, and will end approximately in mid-Aug with a pre-notice.

Details: During the event, you can use your golden gem to participate in the Wheel of Fortune and receive extra items!

Realms: All realms (including new)

Please Note:

1. During the event, you may receive 10 golden gems by every exchange of 1 Golden Bean to the Realm.

2. You can have a lucky draw by using every 20 golden gems. 100% winning rate.

3. Player who meets the following conditions can have each 5 more free luck draw chances (100 golden gems) once: having exchanged over 99 Golden Bean (one-off) before July 18th 24:00; character higher than level 50 before July 18th 24:00.

4. During the event, player may get 1 golden gem from every Valhalla or Las Noches challenge; 0.1 golden gems from every Slot Machine challenge; 0.5 golden gems from every arena challenge. Players who spend 1 gold/gift coupons can receive 0.05 golden gems (trade market spending is excluded).

5. The number of golden gems is calculated separately by realms. Virtual goods can be obtained from lucky draw or credit redemption.

6. Available number of redeemable gifts will be reset at 0:00(CDT) daily. No reward can be redeemed when the upper limit of redemption is reached.

7. Lucky draw will expire after the event. Please try to use up all your luck draw opportunities in time.

8. Please reload your page to check the latest date after top-up, and try the lucky draw later in the event of network connection lagging.

9. The final interpretation right of this activity is reserved by Game321.

About the items:

Five Elemental (Fire/Water/and etc.) Chests: Obtain one same elemental talisman or ring at random.

Luxury Pet Box: Randomly obtain one above+15 pet. There'rechances to obtain a +18 pet!

Luxury Outfit Box: Randomly obtain one above +15 orange outfits. There'rechances to obtain a +27 orange outfit! (Rare, Epic, S-class outfits are not included)

Release Skill Chest: Obtain one of the random equipment in Skill Release Sets.

Legend Wishing Pot: Choose to obtain one of Little Jun or Little Meng.

Zodiac Box: Obtain one of the random Zodiac Titles (7/30 days).

Luxury Treasure Jar: You'll have chances to obtain Legend Wishing Pot, Luxury Outfit Box, Attribute Box, Zodiac Box, Lv.3 Luxury EXP Bag, Common Valhalla Crystal*300.

Diamond Treasure Jar:You'll have chances to get Advanced Sage Panacea, Lv.1 Luxury EXP Bag, Lv.2 Luxury EXP Bag, Lv.3 Luxury EXP Bag, Lv.8 Engrave Crystal, Lv.8 Engrave Blade, Pet Skill Book Chest, Perfect Enchantment Stone Box or Common Valhalla Crystal.

Gold Treasure Jar: You'll have chances to receive Gray, Blue or Orange outfit Wishing Pot, Legend Wishing Pot, Luxury Outfit Box, Attribute Box, Zodiac Box or Pet Box.

Bunny Rabbit Box: Open to obtain 10 Bunny Rabbit+0.

Advanced Sage Panacea: Can be used to gain EXP whose amount is equal to killing 350 monsters of your level.

Tailed Beast Essence: You'll have chances to obtain a Heart of Shukaku, Heart of Nakomata, Heart of Isonade, Heart of Sokou, Heart of Houkou or Heart of Raijuu.

Azure Dragon Box: Open to obtain 10 Azure Dragon+0.

Spirit Beast Box: Open it to obtain one of random Spirit Creature equipment!

PN Team

July 22, 2011


  1. I've won credits from the 'spin the wheel' but after i claimed it where does it go? i can't find it.

  2. gms pls help. the event is about to end and i cant cant claim i think almost 30 or more items that i have earned on spin as i looked on my history in wof, also i cant redeem my credits.. the last time i checked it was almost 7000 credits now. i demand for your coordination pls..